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PostSubject: SWOE RPG Rules (RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE)   SWOE RPG Rules (RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE) I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 12, 2008 5:46 am

We are all here to have fun and to let our imaginations and creativity flow. However, there are a few rules that we all need to follow to ensure that we all get along.

1) You MUST create and submit a Character Profile to the Pending Profile section of this site before you can participate in any RPing on the site. It must then be approved by a staff member. When it has been approved, it will be moved to the accepted profiles section.

2) NO SPAMMING. First offense will recieve a warning. Second offense will result in you being banned for a day. Third offense will result in you being banned for a week. Anymore than this will result in you being banned permanently.

3) Some mature role playing will be allowed. But if you intend to include mature playing in your threads, please be respectful of those who may not be interested in reading material of this manner. Label your threads with a warning so that it can be seen before anyone enters your thread.

4) No nudity or other forms of porn will be tolerated. Keep it clean guys, PG-13 and under only alright? Any violation of this rule will result in automatic, permanent banning of your character.

5) Be respectful of all members. Play nicely. If you can't get along then you don't have to RP with that particular person. If this does not work or you experience any other problems, contact a staff member.

6) To limit the things that may and could be taken personaly by someone in real life, please refer to your character in the third person. this makes it sound more like someone else is acting and not you personally.

7) Please refrain from registering under any names that include ranks such as Darth, Dark Lord, Master, Grand Master, etc... these names are only for those wishing to Role Play and these names must be given to you by a Master. You will be asked to reregister under a different name.
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